A harpist based in Ann Arbor, MI, Beth Henson enjoys a career of solo performance, chamber, orchestral, and event music.  Awarded the Honorable Mention at the 23rd American Harp Society Competition in the Intermediate II division, she maintains a high level of musicality and technical prowess, bringing passion to all her performances.  Dedicated to facilitating local engagement with music, Beth has organized and given a concert series to nursing home residents, and hopes to expand this outreach.  In addition to her solo pursuits, Beth holds a deep passion for playing in ensembles and collaborating with other artists, both musicians and other vocations.  Previously she played with the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, as well as various local chamber groups and orchestras, and currently she is an active member of the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.  As she pursues a Bachelor’s degree in harp performance at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Beth is determined to ensure that classical music has a voice and is met with appreciation and excitement in the 21st century.  Committed to a career of collaboration and exploration, Beth is ready to evolve and adapt to always be ready to share music wherever it will be received.